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Lees birthday bash and jam    Danielles 40th Birthday

One of the greatest ways to enjoy music is to have a party.  Invite a few friends over
or hire a band. Some think that having a band over is something they can not afford.
It is actually very affordable and we have good talent here in the twin cities area. Some
bands do cost more then others but i have many very talented friends who can put together
a show that will impress your guests.  My musical freinds include country, blue grass,
blues and rock and roll. Let us find a band for you that will turn your party into the party they
talk about for the whole year.  So what are you waiting for find a place! maybe i can help with that too!
Order some great food, I love mexican food and usuall have it catered to my parties. Invite freinds,
lots of freinds, the more the merrier. Click on the links above to see us having a great time with a
live band.