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Electra Les Paul Copy 70s
70s Electra Les Paul Copy  70s Electra Les Paul Copy back

Electra Les Paul Copy 70s Electra Les Paul Copy 70s 

Kent bass  Electra Les Paul Copy 70s

Electra Les Paul Copy 70s  Electra Les Paul Copy back 70s

Electra Les Paul Copy Rear neck  Electra Les Paul Copy

reviews i found on the old girl
review 1
I've been reading the reviews about the "old" Electra Les Paul copies and felt I had to speak my piece about this great guitar. I bought a brand new 1975 Electra Les Paul with metalic gold finish with the cream/black pinstriping. I paid about $150 US. I loved it then and still do. It is probably the prettiest guitar I have ever had. I don't know that I have ever seen one like it (Electra) anywhere, but, I did see the new 50th anniversary edition Gibson Les Paul at Guitar Center a couple of weeks ago. That is the only one I have ever seen that looks just like mine (minus the real gold plated head plate, pickups, tuning pegs and pick guard). The Gibson was listed at $7599 and weighed a ton. Mine is light weight and easy to hold for hours.

I played it every day and performed live at least 2 nights a week for 3 years. Then I played it about once a week for about 10 years. After that, it sat in the case for about 20 years and was never touched. I toyed with the idea of selling it on ebay, but couldn't make myself let it go. Boy, am I glad. About 4 months ago, I started playing with a couple of "old" rock n rollers and use it 2 or 3 nights a week. When I opened the case after 20 years it was just as I left it; same strings and in perfect condition (except for the wear from previous years). I got it out, tuned it up and MAN, I forgot how good this thing really sounded.  I was always somewhat shy about saying I had a Les Paul because it was an Electra, but after playing on some of the newer $2500-$7599 real things, I still like mine.  It stays in tune pretty well and I like the light weight, thin neck and pickups.
It came with the violin case and has held up great for 30+ years.

review 2
The sound is big and really sounds like a LP. I used it with a big Carvin amp years ago on the road, and now I use a Peavey Backstage and a new Line 6 Spider Jam. I love it with all of the amps. The guitar is quiet when I'm not playing and really talks when I do.
The front pick up is for soloing and is a bit thin sometimes so I have to set the amp just right, but when I get it, I love it. The back pickup is a little bassy for me so I don't use it much except when I want a more accoustic type sound as a rhythm player. Most of the time I use both (middle switch setting) and it gets a great rhythm sound and fill in lead. I can get a full sound, thin sound, accoustic sound, and when I want it to, it will get the feedback, bite, harmonic, crunch, or what ever I want.  I don't know much about the pickups except they are old hummbuckers that I wouldn't trade for anything.
review 3
I have been playing for about 40 years, 30 of it on this guitar. I have used Carvin, Peavey, and Line 6 amps, Peavey Mackey and Yamaha PAs, and cheap, Lyle, Electra, Fender, and Yamaha guitars and basses. I have an Electra Black Les Paul Bass, also. I like it okay, but prefer a Fender Precision bass, but I LOVE the Electra Les Paul Guitar.  Like I said earlier, I used to be somewhat shy about saying it was a Les Paul, but not any more. Partly, that was because when I was younger, I couldn't afford to have one, and no one I knew actually had a real one (or could afford one). The music store kept them hidden so the college kids wouldn't bother them. I acctually had the chance to buy a couple of good Gibson LPs a few years ago and didn't because I thought mine played and sounded as good or better. I have heard that these old Electras were actually made by Gibson (for Gibson) in Japan. They just called them Electras because they were made in Japan. I don't know how accurate this information is but after playing on the high dollar LPs, I definately claim mine as a LES PAUL. It has everything a real LP has except the price and the weight.