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Lees birthday bash and jam    Danielles 40th Birthday

Danielles 40th birthday  Steve Wiotzigman on the drums 

Phyllis and Melissa  sonik envy on the dance floor

matt serenades  matt

chriss = magic fingers  88 keys guys! 

sean knocks out the tunes  todd makes great faces while shredding the guitar 

cheri is having fun  somebodys pony tail lmao 

lots of party goers watching sonik envy rock  i hate you lee for taking this picture

chis says leave me alone  here comes you stripper!

Danielle turns 40 !!!   no way    
a new man joins the party  yaaay

yahooo  more fun then a pile of tires 

fun  plastic man fun

a full blown lap dance  nice butt

freinds  party guests 

cute blondes half asleep  cute blondes awake

good freinds  darn missed a butt shot

i thought i turned the amp on !!  birthday girl 

bass has good vibrations for a lap dance  hunnie im trying to play

freinds  cat calls for a beautiful woman

take my picture  look at me im gorgeous

cheeck to cheeck  look todd can sing !

hotties on the dance floor  cute couple

cuttin a rug  cuttin a rug

slow dancing with a goddess  yaaaay party

look its nary  over the hill

shustie  nice butt

hugs are great  i want to thank god and everyone

matt says nice birthday butt  best birthday ever with sonik envy

i love these guys  my freinds

beautiful  funny face

freinds  freinds forever

mmmm tastes good  contemplating world issues

chriss trys out a new song  sean watches chris play his new song

new song? -- take this  i mmhmm love this job 

i want to thank my mom, my freinds, the gods of rock  i love you !!!

angel face  quit following me

oh sweet note dude  no no no its in f flat suspended

hunnie i love you and its your birthday but i am trying to work here!  excellent butt

birthday girl gettin down  chris = guitar genious

todd makes faces that will scare your grandma  cuttin a rug

hugs are great  moose makes it sound good

what are you guys doing in there ???